Our Estate cleaning operatives take a great pride in the service that we deliver and we have a great understanding of the importance of a clean environment in social housing. We understand the vulnerability involved in social housing and we work very closely with our clients to achieve their objectives.

We have a tenant liaison officer whose main task is to deal with any issue raised by wither our clients or end user such as tenant, visitors and the general public.

Over the years, we have carefully established a reputation for having a very robust Health and Safety policy as we understand the importance of safety and welfare of the general public

We are committed to excellence and our team are trained & fully equipped with the requirements of Social Housing and its environment.

Our Estate Team can carry out the following:

  • Pressure and Jet Washing
  • Litter picking
  • Road sweeping (Manual & Mechanical)
  • Gully cleansing
  • Removal of Fly Tipping
  • Chewing and Graffiti Removal
  • Washroom Sanitation

Our washroom sanitation service is designed to provide our client with an enhanced washroom experience. The service is a safe disposal of sanitary waste, which is vital and a legal requirement under the Health, Safety & Welfare regulations 1992, The Water Industries Act 1991 and the Environmental protection Act 1990.

We provide our clients with a sanitary unit bin for the washroom and all units can be supplied with a deodorant ball to neutralize malodours and keep washroom smelling clean and fresh.