What Is CHAS?

The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Is an authority and trusted construction health and safety compliance scheme which sits within the overall umbrella of SSIP – (Safety Schemes in Procurement).


Their accreditation scheme acts as a pre-qualification tool during the tender process. Many buyers require a contractor to be CHAS accredited before they allow you to tender.

In its simplest form, CHAS or other SSIP accreditations show that your business is really great at Health and Safety. It gives you a competitive edge. It helps you stand out in tenders. It gives you something to shout about. And it helps you win work.

Don’t be left behind, our Health & Safety consultants are experts in undertaking all SSIP accreditations, it’s what we do. We’ll make sure your business’ safe working practices are up to scratch. We’ll complete the application process for you letting you get on with what you do best.

Don’t delay, give us a call and show everyone how great you are.


Our Capability

We’re committed to improving workplace health and safety by ensuring we’re your first-choice health and safety consultants.

We’re also determined to continue operating a successful and profitable consultancy by:

Following our core values of advice, service, value and relationships.

Providing an open and friendly environment, where our teams feel valued and are rewarded for their effort and initiative, and where they can progress their careers through various training opportunities.

Our Values

  • Service: We’re committed to being approachable and responsive, and working to agreed programmes, offering a comprehensive service, and taking the time to understand the overall needs of your business.
  • Advice: We always introduce new ideas and/or processes where possible, show creativity in our project proposals, highlight regulatory and sustainability issues, maximising value for money.
  • Value: We are constructive, innovative, highly reputable and transparent in terms of our fees.
  • Relationships: We ensure clients are always happy with our team and the degree of senior management involvement, and build ongoing, long-term relationships wherever possible.

Health and safety considerations are critical to any organisation both internally with staff and also externally with those affected by our work.

Without them productivity can be affected, morale reduced and, of course, the business can be negatively impacted.

With a pragmatic approach that takes your commercial needs into consideration, we can provide all the advice you need to ensure you meet your health and safety obligations, as well as your wider organisational objectives and strategic goals. We make sure you fully comply with these obligations under UK health and safety law.

Having a robust health and safety strategy in place ensures peace of mind for your managers, personnel, investors and other key stakeholders.

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