Driver Opt-Out Form

As a driver for the GV Group, you are subject to the Working Time Directive (WTD), which sets limits on the number of hours you can work per week. However, you may choose to opt-out of these limits by completing and signing this form.

Terms and Conditions

  1. By opting-out of the WTD, you agree to work more than 48 hours per week, averaged over a 17-week reference period.
  2. You have the right to opt-out at any time by giving notice to your line manager.
  3. The GV Group reserves the right to revoke your opt-out agreement if it deems it necessary for your health and safety or that of others.
  4. You will not be penalized or treated unfairly for refusing to opt-out.


By signing this form, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the above terms and conditions, and voluntarily agree to opt-out of the Working Time Directive. You understand that you have the right to revoke this agreement at any time by giving notice to your line manager. Your line manager will keep a copy of this form for record-keeping purposes.

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